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For every Question there is A Answer!


Q: When is your auction held?

A: Otay Auto Auctions are held every Saturday, the Auction bidding starts at 9AM.

Q: Is The auction open to the public?

A: Yes, it is open to the public! You will require a picture ID, Active Account & Cash Deposit


Q: How long does a auction usually last?

A: It takes about 1 minute per vehicle to auction. The bidding lasts for approximately 3 hours .


Q: Are these the only vehicles that we be in your Auction that are in inventory List ?

A: Yes, we post online inventory every Wednesday.


Q: How long do I have to pay the balance of my purchase?

A: You will have Saturday, Monday and Tuesday (9am-3pm) to pay the balance and remove the vehicle from our yard.


Q: Without the pressure of a dealership?

A: No, we eliminate the high pressure of the Dealership’s! You inspect your vehicle Beat the dealer’s price is because auctions do not have the overhead issues, like maintaining a showroom and the pressure of a sales person you decide and bid on what you want!


Q: Where do your cars come from?

A: The vehicles come from different places: Donations. There are previously owned lease returns, bank forfeitures, seizures and consignments’ that are available for immediate liquidation.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept cash or Credit Cards?



Q: Do you HAVE IN HOUSE financing on purchases?

A: No, All vehicles must be paid in Cash ONLY!


Q: What if I don’t have all the money for the vehicle I just purchased?

A: A $500 deposit is required to obtain a buyers number. You must pay for items awarded to you in full by the end of Tuesday, if you do not, you will forfeit the full amount of the deposit.  (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Q: What time period do I have to pay for my vehicle the balance on my purchase?

A: You have until Tuesday and until 3:00 PM to pay your balance or you will (forfeit you deposit).


Q: Can we look & check at the vehicles before the auction?

A: Yes, The vehicle’s being auctioned are available for you inspection on Saturday one hour before the auction starts. We recommend that you bring a mechanic to thoroughly inspect the vehicle(s) you are interested in.


Q: How do I register my vehicle?

A: We will provide you all necessary VEHICLE DOCUMENTS for you to transfer the vehicle with the CA DMV.


Q: Are their warranties’ on my purchase?





Payment and Removal: Deposit is required at the time of the sale. You must pay for items awarded to you in full within 96 hours from the time of the sale. You must take delivery within 96 hours otherwise; you will forfeight your deposit. U.S currencies only, for more information please contact us for further explanation of Policy and procedures.


Title to Property and Registration: Otay Auto Auction makes it easy for you!

We complete all necessary paper work, including hassle free processing of DMV documents for you to take to DMV to process your Title or ask us we know of a couple of Registrations’ Services and Export Service  that can assist you on your final process.