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About Us


Otay Auto Auction was established since 2008 to make buying and selling automobiles a pleasant experience.

Otay Auto Auction is a licensed and bonded auto dealer. We offer the same full line of services you would expect from a bigger auction house.

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle, we offer many choices, including Cars, Trucks, SUV's and some Recreational Vehicles. We offer everything from late model vehicles to vehicles for the more budget-minded buyer.

The chief advantage of purchasing your next vehicle with us is the large savings in comparison to the high prices of traditional car dealers.

Otay Auto Auction, high quality vehicles, you can trust!


Buying A Vehicle?

If you are looking for quality used cars for sale, look no further than Otay Auto Auction. Instead of spending your valuable time looking through the countless online classifieds or driving to various dealerships in your area and the pressure, Otay Auto Auction has the information you need right at your computer. With Otay Auto Auction's online auto classifieds, you can save money and time buying a used car.


Selling Your Vehicle?


If you have been thinking about selling your vehicle, one option is to sell your car at Otay Auto Auction. We have a high volume of online traffic. When selling your vehicle online you get some benifits you would not otherwise have.